Disclaimer: As amazing as these results my sound, the efficacy of SAC technology is in fact the very natural function of calcium ions in our body. Therefore, Marah Natural Health is not making any medical claims other than the ability to put calcium ions into our system.


Marah-Cel delivered me from two years of weekly transfusion. My marrow now generates my own blood!

I have been getting blood transfusion every week for the past two years because my bone marrow can no longer generate new blood cells. The quality of my life was deteriorating due to constant suffering and weariness. Then my Iranian friend recommend me to take Marah-Cel. I couldn’t help being skeptical at first since I have been in living in despair for all this time with no real help offered from medical world for my condition. However, learning of his own miraculous recovery from critical heart condition through Marah-Cel, I had to give it a try. I started to take Marah-Cel three times a day for a month and then noticed diminishing symptoms of anemia. Surprisingly, the next blood test revealed that my marrow began to make new blood of my own!! Ecstatic and regaining hope, I can now feel that I am returning to normal health. I recently stopped receiving transfusion, escaping the misery of weekly transfusion! I am so grateful for Marah Natural and also for my friend who introduced me to this miracle supplement. I am convinced that I am on the road to full recovery. (July, 2017)

 N. Park – Age 48, Male, BC, Canada


Marah-Cel saved me from dangerous radiotherapy in my head and took away all the traces of cancer!

I am 51 years old and have worked as a manager of a motel a long time. The stress from my work and constant heavy drinking after work took toll on my body. Then one day, I noticed a growth inside my left cheek and had to rush to see my doctor. The test revealed that the mass was cancerous. The tumor had a diameter of 3.5 cm and was growing where nerve and blood vessels were intricately intertwined. The oncologist recommended me for surgery because radiation therapy was not deemed helpful then. Last September, I heard about Marah-Cel through my brother but decided to follow the recommendation of the oncologist and surgically removed the big tumor. Many smaller tumors where surgical removal was not possible were left alone.
Right after the surgery, I started to take Marah-Cel. I immediately experienced my body temperature rising and felt much stronger even after everyday exhaustive chores from my work. I began to have hope.
About twenty days after the surgery, the hospital called me and tried to convince me to receive 33 scheduled treatments of radiation therapy. When I inquired and learned about the side effects of the therapy, I could not muster the courage to go ahead with it. I decided not to take the radiation therapy and rely on Marah-Cel since I was experiencing manifold positive effects from it already. The side effects of the radiotherapy, namely, dry mouth, hot flush, losing taste buds, and possible brain hemorrhage sounded scarier than the cancer itself.
Now, I am so glad that I bypassed the radiation therapy and stayed with Marah-Cel. Marah-Cel removed all the traces of remaining cancer, even in the most difficult places. I am truly grateful and wish many more patients find out about SAC therapy before they jump into more painful conventional cancer therapy.

David J. – Age 51, Male, BC, Canada


PPS(Post Polio Syndrome) almost pull my life down, but with Marah-Cel I am walking strong again!

I spent sickly childhood after suffering polio. I thought polio was once in a lifetime thing which will never haunt me again. However, I could not believe the nightmare is back when I was diagnosed with Post Polio Syndrome (PPS). My legs began to lose leg strength to the point I dreaded going to the bathroom. Thoughts of stopping the work I enjoyed was devastating. I questioned if there was any hope left. However, I was recommended to try Marah-Cel by my sister-in-law (pharmacist) in Korea last spring (2016). I was not fully convinced but decided to take it anyways. By summer I had enough strength in my legs to take a trip to South America. Now, I can go to a bathroom without any difficulty and am still working! I am so thankful!

Rebecca L. – Age 66, Female, Surrey, BC, Canada


I experienced more benefits than anything I tried for my diabetes, knee pain, and sleep problems.

I heard about Mega-100 for some time and finally decided to try it out to lower my blood sugar level. From the very beginning of taking it, my level dropped by 20 mg/dL at a time for some time but leveled out. I was excited but wanted more benefits. I knew I had to also work out and not drink. Then I noticed that I was sleeping much deeper without waking up after taking Mega-100. And I also woke up more refreshed!
Then I noticed that my left knee which bothered me much when I climbed stairs or did yoga suddenly felt much better. I used to hold onto the rail to use stairs and had to rest after a few steps at a time. The benefits I experienced taking Mega-100 surpassed anything I tried at any cost! And I tried it for only one month! I am going to work out more and cut down on drinking to lower the blood sugar level more.

 S. L. – Age 40, Female, Jakarta, Indonesia


10 years of arthritis pain kept me from walking normally. Recatril took it away in two weeks!

I was hit with rheumatoid arthritis about 10 years ago. To escape stiffness and pain, I tried everything, including numerous gold injections that cost over $1000 per shot! My fingers were bent and knee pain was unbearable. My toes also hurt so much that I could not walk properly. I could not let my big toe touch the ground. Numerous doctor visits gave me different diagnosis such as virus, genetics, etc. which did not help me at all. On February 8th (2017), my friend introduced my to Recatril. After taking it for two weeks, the pain subsided dramatically, and now I can walk normally with my toe touching the ground! Two weeks of Recatril took care of 10-year-old problem! I met a savior! Thank you, Marah Natural, and my friend who got me into SAC therapy.

J. Cho – Age 66, Female, Surrey, Canada


Mara-100 delivered me from 15 years of pain in my hands!

After moving to Xi’an, China in 1997, my delicate hands suffered much. There was no running hot water in my house and I had to run my hands through very cold water every day. Plus, I also had to carry heavy bags every day. 4 to 5 years this repeated routine took toll on my hands. For 15 years, the pain would keep me from writing and doing anything with my hands. Every night before I go to sleep, I have to wrap my fingers with pain relieving patch. It only gave me temporary relief. Then a guest who was visiting me heard of my plight and recommended that I try Mega-100. My goodness! Mega-100 took away my pain which was there for more than a decade. This can’t be anything else but Mega-100! I am so thankful!

Eunjoo K. – Age 56, Female, Xi’an, China


I grew taller 17 cm in 8 months! I am not a shorty anymore.

I was a short 10th grader with the height of 153 cm. I could only reach the chin of my friends. Then my mother got me Teen-Cel in October of 2015. For two months I could not notice any change. In the past, I also tried so many different things to grow taller, but all have failed. Not having better options, I decided to try Teen-Cel for at least 6 months. Then from this January (2016), I started to experience the dramatic effect. 1 cm and then 1.5 cm, I was growing taller. August 20th of 2016, my official height was 170 cm!!! Everyone who saw me growing was simply amazed. I am amazed! My mother is keeping this a secret from my father until he comes back from his long business trip to Korea. I hope he recognizes me. Teen-Cel is a miracle for me.

J. Kim – Age 15, Male, Canada


6 bottles of Mega-100 relieved me from calcific tendonitis. Now I can live a normal life!

When I had pains in my shoulder and could not move well, I thought I had frozen shoulder. Visiting my doctor revealed that I had calcification on enthesis which caused inflammation. I took prescribed anti-inflammatory analgesic drugs, but the relief only lasted briefly. It bothered me enough to affect taking care of my kids. After I met Mega-100, the pain almost disappeared only after a few days and my mobility returned. When I took another picture at the hospital the calcification has disappeared, to my doctor’s surprise. I have taken Mega-100 for 6 months only. Highly recommended Pronuvia to everyone around me.

S. W. Shin – Age 46, Female, Richmond, Canada


Recovering from diabetes and high level of triglycerides in just 3 months!

Three months ago, regular doctor’s visit for check-up left me discouraged. I was diagnosed with high cholesterol, high LDL, high triglycerides, and DIABETES! I heard about Marah-Cel’s effect on diabetes and overall blood health. I hesitated because of its price but gave myself a try after careful examining and investigation about SAC technology. Am I glad I did it! After taking three months supply, I have experienced so much change! My HbA1c percentage before Marah-Cel was 10 %! That was very bad. After three months of Marah-Cel, it dropped to 6.5 % and triglycerides level also dropped significantly. My body feels lighter and overall condition feels so much better! I am continuing Marah-Cel therapy until I fully recover my top condition.

E. Son – Age 46, Female, Jakarta, Indonesia


My kidney function is improving rapidly!

Years of dysfunctional kidney sucked the life out of me and even turned my face into the deathly dark color. I tried everything from Eastern to Western medicines, but nothing seemed to help. Then at the plea of my close friend, I started taking Marah-Cel. In about a month, I have noticed that my face turned back to normal and my body felt much better. I thought it was the effects of all the good medications I have taken all these years that are finally kicking in and immediately stopped taking Marah-Cel. (I thought it was a bit pricey.) I felt good for a few days, but then my condition deteriorated slowly, and in about two weeks my face started to turn dark again. Being frightened, I immediately got back on Marah-Cel again and discovered how powerful and amazing this product was. Experiencing rapid restoration of my kidney functions and seeing my normal face again in the mirror is simply unbelievable! I thank my friend and Pronuvia for offering such amazing products.

C. Park – Age 65, Male, Busan, South Korea


Mara-Cel stopped painful shingles at the onslaught!!!

Dreaded shingles started from my hands and the rash and blisters started to spread. When I visited my doctor, he told me that it will spread up my arm riding nerves. I have heard about the power of Marah-Cel and started taking it immediately. All the blisters on my hand dried up in a few days and dropped the curtain on shingles breakout! Thank you!

 M. Park – Age 60, Female, Vancouver


Marah-Cel is helping my daughter’s Crohn’s Disease!

I am a believer in Marah Natural products! I have worked in a doctor’s office for more than 25 years as the chief administrator. About a year ago, my doctor found out about Recatril and tried it out for his wife who had painful and debilitating arthritis in her hands. No medicine seemed to work well, but Recatril did wonders for her. He started to order boxes of Marah Natural products and recommended to many of his friends everywhere. My daughter has Crohn’s disease and her life simply has been miserable, and I wanted to see if Marah Natural products can help her. I inquired Marah Natural and received some positive testimonies of others with Crohn’s disease who are now living normal life. I ordered 4 bottles of Marah-Cel for my daughter and she started taking it in December of 2016. My goodness! I have never seen so much life in her when we got together for Christmas! I am so excited for her!

JOANNE B. – Age 68, Female


My bone density is back to normal. No more osteoporosis!

I have taken Mega-100 when I was diagnosed with severe osteoporosis. (T-score of -3.7) After taking 17 bottles of Mega-100, my bone density is back to the normal range. Incredible.

M. PARK – Age 55, Male


My blood sugar level dropped by 50 points!

I have very high blood sugar level despite medications I am currently taking. In a fasted state in the morning, I usually get blood sugar level between 160-230 mg/dL. My doctor’s been telling me that it is miracle that I still maintain health despite such high sugar level. My daughter was introduced to Mega-100 by her brother in law and experienced such positive effects that she recommended me to take it too. My daughter said she does not experience fatigue anymore and feels less tired after her long day of work. Her brain fog that affected her much was also disappearing. I thought I needed it more than her. After taking Mega-100 to strengthen my bone for two weeks, I noticed that my blood sugar level was keep dropping. My fasted sugar level in mornings now dropped to 118-160 mg/dL level! Nothing could lower my sugar level this low. I am so excited and looking forward to experiencing more! Thank you, Marah Natural!

Y.  KWAK – Age 71, Female, NYC


Arthritis pain and swelling is gone! Amazing!

I had terrible pain due to knuckle and knee arthritis. Every night I put heat pads to alleviate pain, but the continuing pain made the quality of my life so miserable that I came down with depression. Then one of my caring friend recommended Recatril from Marah Natural. Being desperate after many futile attempts with medicines and supplements, I decided to give it another chance. Remarkable, after taking Recatril just for ten days, both the pain and swelling were reduced significantly. I was taken aback. My husband who helped me with heating pads every night was surprised at the powerful effect of Cartigen. He is finally free from the task as I am from suffering!

M. KIM – Age 53, Female


I recovered from deadly heart condition! Marah Natural gave me new life!

“I am impressed. Let me tell you my story. I obtained a Bachelor of Science from Ottawa’s Carleton University in Physics and Statistics, then I moved to Vancouver and completed Software Systems Development program from BCIT obtained Bachelor of Arts from UBC. Following an unexpected day-trading transaction in the year of 2006, I was hospitalized to learn that I had no heart attack. But I developed a Mitral valve prolapse hearth condition that in which the two valve flaps of the mitral valve do not close smoothly or evenly, but instead bulge upward into the left atrium. Therefore, any infection could kill me let alone not being able to run or walk with my son. I was required to take antibiotics prior to any of my dentist appointments. I was a sprinter in my high school years but then I could not climb the stairs or run. I tried different treatments but none of them worked. My heart pain continued and the Richmond Cardiologist, Dr. Broumand, told me that my life stopwatch started and I was dying.

I was introduced to Marah Natural’s scientific discoveries and innovation during the winter of 2010. On or about Spring of 2011, I tried some of the SAC Calcium products and I immediately felt the increase of my energy.

Three months after taking SAC Calcium I began walking on my treadmill. Initially I walked for 15 minutes but after 2 months I began jogging. I explained the results to my brother and sister and they started taking SAC Calcium as well. My brother was suffering from excruciating pain of arthritis rheumatism that began misshaping his finger’s joint. After two months of Recatril intake, his pain was gone and my brother’s finger is back to normal. My sister complained about her lack of energy and getting ill frequently. Following Dr. Lee’s suggestion my sister began taking Mega-100, and she felt 20 years younger and she is as grateful as I am for Marah Natural products.

Amongst many of whose lives were changed from degenerative diseases to become healthy following SAC Calcium intake, I met a 75 year old gentleman who was cured from Prostate cancer. I met a 25 year old professional software developer who suffered incurable back-pain but was very healthy and energetic following SAC Calcium.
Not only that my health has changed to better drastically after taking SAC Calcium, I am a believer that millions of people have the right to benefit from the same so we live in a better world.”

E. Baraghoosh – Age 59, Male, Vancouver


Foot pain disappeared and I can walk freely again!

As a small store owner selling Korean rice cakes, everyday I spend long time working standing up. My feet were hurting more and more over time and it finally came to a point where severe foot pain interfered with my business. Then a close friend of mine recommended Mega-100 which I ordered and had taken, three bottles initially . To my amazement, my foot pain gradually disappeared. I had tried several medications to relieve the foot pain but the effect lasted only briefly. I am truly grateful and completely satisfied with the effect of Mega-100. I had ordered and taken three more bottles since and now no longer suffer from the foot pain!

C. LEE – Age 59, Female


My hand arthritis pain is gone and my husband is not exhausted anymore!

I was only in my early forties when I was diagnosed with degenerative arthritis in my hands. Ever since, I suffered so much. I could not lift heavy objects and even lifting cooking pots pained every joints of my fingers. All the prescription drugs did not help me much. Then one of my good friend recommended me Marah-Cel. Being liquid in form, it was easy to take mixed in just water. I was doubtful in the beginning, but faithfully took Marah-Cel as loyalty to my friend. Amazingly, swelling and pain in my fingers decreased noticeably and even experienced increased energy and vitality. Now, I am able to even play golf which I had to stop due to arthritis. I recommended Marah-Cel to my husband and do not see him exhausted anymore.
And I have another testimony. I have two old dogs that had infections in ears and eyes and were losing lots of fur. Experimentally, I added your Kids-cal to the water. Amazingly, infections disappeared and they no longer shed fur! My vet could not believe his eyes! I recommend your products to everyone!

Lisa K – Age 42, Female


My mother suffered from knee arthristis. Not anymore!

I am impressed! I gave Marah-Cel to my mother-in-law who suffered much for past 10 years due to knee arthritis. She did not even finish one bottle and tells me now that the pain has subsided! She asked me if I gave her narcotics! Marah-Cel!

B. Park – Age 62, Male


I could not squat and stand up due to knee arthritis. I am free now!

I am excited and want to brag about Mega-100. Menopause hit me earlier than others and I started to suffer from consequences of menopause. What bothered me the most was pain in bending my knees. I could not squat and stand up due to severe pain. I was soon diagnosed with arthritis and my doctor prescribed injection once a week for five weeks. Then I was also diagnosed with osteoporosis when I broke my ankle. I had to put titanium rod surgically. Moreover, working in a store everyday exhausted me, and every year I had to rely on expensive herbal tonics to maintain my stamina. One day my missionary friend recommended me Mega-100, and I have taken it for about 8 months now. The first thing I noticed was that I was able to endure through hot summer season without exhaustion! I shared it with my colleagues at work and they are also impressed by its rejuvenating effect.

Mary P. – Age 46, Female